Pastel Ball Python

Is A Ball Python A Good Pet?

Ball Pythons Might Be The Right Pet For You.

Why Is A Ball Python A Good Pet?

They are the perfect “couch potato” 🛋 🥔 snake. Ball pythons are the ideal pet for you, if you are looking for a snake that is not super fast and likes to hang out on the couch or cruise around slowly.

Ball pythons have a great temperament 99.9% of the time, every once in a while, you will have one that does not enjoy being handled no matter how much you work with them.

When Is A Ball Python A Good Pet?

When you have done your research 🔬 🧐 on how to care for a Ball python, it is so important not to take in a new reptile that you do not know how to care for. Check our Ball Python Care Sheet here to get started.

Many keepers will argue that Ball pythons are not a great first-time pet because they can sometimes be picky eaters. However, after decades of keeping reptiles, we feel they are still an excellent choice for a beginner keeper. Plus, we are always here if you have questions. 🙂

Where Is A Ball Python A Good Pet?

Ball pythons are fantastic because they do not grow so large that you would need a giant enclosure. They are a perfect reptile that can be kept in an apartment or house. Females will need a slightly larger enclosure than a male just because females are larger in girth. Check out our Ball python care sheet for more information on enclosure setup. 

What Ball Python Is A Good Pet?

Choosing the correct Ball python now, is the hardest decision ever! Ball pythons come in many patterns and colors it is hard to keep track of all the different morphs available. Pricing can vary, usually around $50 for a standard wild-type Ball python to thousands of dollars for a rare or new Ball python. 

Also, you want to make sure that you are purchase your Ball python from a reputable breeder specializing in Ball pythons and one that will assist you with questions after purchasing from them. To get a feel of the variety of Ball python morphs that are available, check out our full Ball python collection. 

Thank you for taking the take to read this article and if you have any other questions about Ball pythons,  email

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